Noëm Held is a graphic design studio loosely situated between design and art with a strong focus on art and creative direction. Always on the lookout for a new and unique approach towards printed matter, corporate idendities, websites or whatever else is needed.


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Weinstube Giesing

We had the pleasure of designing the logo and various other things for Giesings new winebar Weinstube. The identity is based on Clara Sambot´s font CirrusCumulus which shapes reminds us of grapevines. By dessembling and rearranging the font we came up with a logo and various illustrations.

Kammer 80000

Kammer 80000 was part of the three day festval “Friendly Confrontations” taking place at Kammerspiele München. It was a temporarly radio studio curated by Radio 80000 and Goethe Institut München. For that occasion we created, together with Felix Flemmer, a visual identity. The two rooms were seperated by a flag. the red room was hosting live shows, the green room was a communal space, where people could listen and discuss the radio program. In the communal space various benches where placed and marked with verbs that had a connection to how we interact with sound. Furthermore we developed a website showcasing the whole archive of the festival.