Noëm Held is a graphic design studio loosely situated between design and art with a strong focus on art and creative direction. Always on the lookout for a new and unique approach towards printed matter, corporate idendities, websites or whatever else is needed.


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Fujiko Nakaya. Nebel Leben. Haus der Kunst

Together with Nadine Wetzl we created a big multiverse showcasing various historical and personal events related to the life and work of Nakaya as well as all the Walltext´s in the exhibition. For this we created a huge mural spelling out the word „Multiverse“ loosely based on the style of weather maps and combing it with text, quotes and images.

Blyb. Hotel

In tight collaboration with Maximillian Mikorey and Christian Hundertmark we developed the corporate identity for a new hotel, restaurant and bar project at lake Tegernsee. With Blyb, Lake Tegernsee has a new meeting place that is constantly evolving – driven by the people who shape the place. Referring to their slogan “Almost there” we created a signage system, based on scrap materials from the construction site. Also the overall identity is driven by the approach to have a fix core and a ever evolving surrounding. The space contains a hotel, a restaurant, bakery, bar, sauna, artist in residency, own vegetable garden, beekeeper and yoga platform.

pictures by Dennis Pernath & 8am Studio

Weinstube Giesing

We had the pleasure of designing the logo and various other things for Giesings new winebar Weinstube. The identity is based on Clara Sambot´s font CirrusCumulus which shapes reminds us of grapevines. By dessembling and rearranging the font we came up with a logo and various illustrations.