Noëm Held is a graphic design studio loosely situated between design and art with a strong focus on art and creative direction. Always on the lookout for a new and unique approach towards printed matter, corporate idendities, websites or whatever else is needed.


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Modules 015-018

Catalgoue for artist Ivo Rick showcasing work by the artist from 2015-2018, with text by Chris Fitzpatrick and Jochen Meister, published by munich publishing house Metzler Edition. The catalogue is split into two parts: “Works” and “Text”. The parts are introduced by big letters of a custom typeface by Dinamo. Chris Fitzpatrick text are small comments on specific objects and set next the object. Jochen Meisters text closes the catalogue. The title of the catalogue is written all over the dustjackets front and back.

Süddeutsche Zeitung Familie

Togehter with art director Yvonne Zmarsly I had the pleasure to design the last 16 issues of the children magazin for the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The aim was to create a playful magazine where every page looks different and that children can interact with.

Begreif Verein

Begreif Verein was a temporary space, representing various ideas and concepts, from graphic design to art to science located in the very center of the city. Together with Radio 80000, Public Possession and Daily Dialogue we curated the space and were responsible for the design.